Chalybeate well at Balloch Community Woodland
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The Chalybeate Well

Across the river on the lower level loop of the Burnside Walk there is a Chalybeate, or Red, Well.  Chalybeate refers to any water that contains iron salts, while the name ‘Red Well’ refers to the red water that seeps from the well due to the high iron or rust contents. 

Early in the 17th century, chalybeate water was said to have health-giving properties and many people have promoted its qualities.  At one point it is reputed that this was a medicinal or spa well – one of a number located in this area.  The water from this well these days, however, is highly poisonous and not for drinking!

On closer inspection the Red Well appears to have been dry cut by hand. 

Legend has it that it was once an Iron Age iron ore mine for tool and weapon making, requiring a good deal of effort in extracting even the small amounts of ore needed for the task.


Creetown Walks » History & Archaeology » The Chalybeate Well